Your Body!

As the saying goes, “The eye is the window to the soul,” but a clinical iridologist will tell you it’s a mirror image of your health.

Clinical iridology is an incredibly valuable and non-invasive discovery tool that interprets the efficacy of each system and organ through the colourings and markings found on the magnified iris.

Using a map of the eye, an iridologist can determine your genetic predisposition to deficiencies and disease, pinpoint probable causes of symptoms you’re experiencing, and even alert you to health issues long before symptoms appear.

Some conditions Iridology can detect:

  • Inherent strength and weakness of organs, glands and tissues

  • Relative amount of toxic settlement in the body

  • Poor circulation in various organs

  • Location of inflammation in the body

  • Under activity, or sluggishness of the bowel

  • High risk tissue areas that may be progressing toward disease

  • Pressure on the heart & cardiovascular conditions

  • Condition of the nervous system

  • Lymphatic system congestion

  • Poor assimilation of nutrients

  • Preclinical stages of diabetes and many other diseases

  • Sources of infection

  • Adrenal exhaustion

  • Resistance to disease

  • Body's response to a specific treatment

  • Blood and lymph circulation

  • Hyperactivity or hypoactiviy of organs, glands and tissues

What to expect during your appointment

Ionic Cleanse session takes place in our studio and lasts 40 minutes. Your bare feet will be submerged in water with an ionic probe inserted in the footbath. Within seconds of the probe being turned on, the Ion Cleanser begins to neutralize and remove toxins from the body. The entire process is extremely safe and relaxing. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! For best results, we recommend booking a minimum of five (5) Ionic Cleanse sessions spaced one week appart.

For further relaxation and health benefits we recommend combining this treatment with a Reflexology appointment following the Ionic Cleanse session.

To book your IRIDOLOGY appointment with John, please call 905.730.8400.