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Lash Extensions application is a highly acclaimed beauty treatment.  It is the most exciting treatment for women who have always wanted to have fuller, longer looking lashes.


Various forms of Lash Extensions have been around since the sixties, however now the Single and 3D Lash Extension techniques have been perfected and results are incredibly real giving the eye definition and refined shape with extra volume and length.  They are the latest beauty trend that is no longer available just to the rich and famous, every woman can enjoy the mascara free, longer, thicker more luscious and glamorous lashes that look and feel as natural as the real lashes. Elegant or fun and flirty looks can be designed to suit your own personal needs and preference. Lash Extensions are perfect for day-to-day wear as well as special occasions.

Benefits of wearing Lash Extensions:

  • Single Lash Extensions are virtually weightless and feel as natural as your own lashes.

  • They are slightly curled and reach upward, helping your eyes look more open and dramatically framing them.

  • They can help improve the ocular health of your eyes by eliminating the use of mascara, one of the main culprits for eye irritation and infection.

  • It is possible to wear Lash Extensions almost anywhere and participate in almost any activity including sports, traveling and swimming in an ocean while on vacation!

  • The fact that Lash Extensions are waterproof is a big plus!

  • One of the biggest benefits associated with wearing Eyelash Extensions, however, is how it makes mascara obsolete in your makeup regimen – no more embarrassing smudging, running or smearing when lashes get wet!

  • Since Lash Extensions come in various lengths starting with 7mm, men who have short and sparse lashes can also have these applied to make their eyes stand out more without making them look feminine.

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